July 2015   
Grupo Ministerial

Grupo Ministerial

Grupo Ministerial is a not-for-profit agency a part of the Asbury Shalom Zone, at 520 Seventh St., Buffalo, NY 14201. It was started in 2006 by members of Primera Iglesia Metodista Unida, who were working with Group Ministry, a not-for-profit agency on the Eastside of Buffalo. Both organizations have as their primary mission to educate at-risk populations about HIV/AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases.
Grupo Ministerial, is not only an education organization, but is also a support agency that seeks to provide a full range of human-need services to the local Westside community. The people of  Grupo Ministerial work in coordination with other community and government agencies to provide monthly and yearly health education at several health fairs. Clients testing positive for HIV/AIDS are directed to the County and State Health Departments. Grupo Ministerial helps families in conjuction with Asbury Shalom Zone and Primera Iglesia Metodista Unida to refer clients to the Food Pantry and Soup Kitchen at Primera, and direct clients to the Asbury Shalom Zone for furniture, household supplies and clothing.