July 2015   

We LOVE Volunteers!!!

Our primary means of accomplishing our work in Buffalo is by mobilizing volunteers. You are the life-blood of Asbury Shalom Zone. We maintain high Standards of Excellence for volunteers, and the leaders of volunteer groups and organizations.
We host volunteers of all ages and from many diverse backgrounds. Because we are in relationship with seniors, families in need, other grassroots community organizations, churches, and Christian ministries, we are aware of many needs suited both for short-term or long-term volunteers.
 In a time when many people are cutting back, we want to say that there are more ways to give than with your pocketbook! In fact, since the beginning of our ministry God has used the willingness of people giving their time, energy, spiritual gifts, professional skills, and more to invigorate His work here in Buffalo. So find something that spurs your imagination to get involved in God's kingdom work in a new and creative way. There is no limit to how God might use you this summer.
Spend an afternoon repairing our small engines (lawnmowers, weed whackers, etc.) that get used so much during the summer.
Organize a drive to collect needed school supplies for the youth in our neighborhood.
Spend an afternoon doing data entry and other office work.
Spend a day organizing the garage with our service & outreach staff.
Coromoto on 04-16-2012
they no longer awnted young volunteers because they only land them in trouble with the police or are extra work because staff have to babysit them to ensure they dont get into trouble. Still considering the huge amounts of good work that volunteers (the sensible ones) have done in the past and continue to do, I have high hopes for volunteerism. My only plea to those of us that assist in any way to get young volunteers abroad is that we should ensure they undergo some sort of cultural orientation that emphasises 1)respecting others' culture and laws no matter how strange they seem ( Eeeuw! as half my students would say) 2)Being aware of how helping across cultures can make or break stereotypes and that they are a part of it and 3)Particularly for their mental well-being, also realising that they cant change the place in one trip so not to be too hard on themselves. I have of course contributed to this discussion mostly from what I'm familiar with. Western volunteers in developing countries. Well prepared volunteers may indeed be one small contribution towards fairer international co-operation. Particularly the young whose ways are not set and who are future leaders
Evan Parry on 01-12-2011
I am very interested in doing some volunteer things with this company. My phone numbers are 716)826-0285, 716)572-6525 or you can email me back.
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