July 2015   
About Us

In keeping with the Shalom Zone concept, at the community's request, our primary mission is to do adult education for primarily non-English speaking adults, providing GED and computer classes.  The Zone is in a neighborhood which has a high concentration of refugees and immigrants as well as people newly arrived from Puerto Rico.  One of our local church, Primera Iglesia Metodista Unida had asked the United Methodist Church to start a Shalom Zone in our neighborhood in 1996. Because the unemployment rate in this community is continuously above 35%, Primera Iglesia and Asbury Shalom Zone together offered to bring hope to a desperate community.

In addition we have a Soup Kitchen, Food Pantry, Thrift Store, Cub Scout /Boy Scout, HIV/AIDS education and testing agency. We attempt to work with agencies, churches, businesses and political leaders of the community to provide an abundance of resources.

 Our Vision

We envision a Community of Shalom on Buffalo’s Lower West Side that embraces the neighborhood’s diversity while meeting its challenges in a community where we restore hope, we live faith, and we strive for self-sufficiency through:
·       effective programming
·       strategic partnerships
·       efficient use of our buildings and resources
Our Mission
Our mission is to offer ministries and programs to all Lower West Side residents, both children and adults, to:
·       enlighten, prepare and motivate them for meaningful, self-sustaining lives
·       refer clients to partners, collaborators, and other service providers as needed
·       provide quality space for the benefit of the community - area businesses, agencies, entrepreneurs, schools, and residents
All in the spirit of Christ’s call to service.